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In these days of people offering value to others who read their blogs (or browse their pictures or watch their videos), this is a very old school page. It’s just my online diary, pretty much. It’s more a note to myself when I’m old and armchair-wanderlust strikes. In the process though, I hope to work my way through a bunch of thoughts, hoping that if anyone still reads long form blogs and has a few ideas/thoughts/counter opinions, I can learn from those. Because you see, the world is an infinitely intriguing place.

BLOG – Travel thoughts, 2014 onwards

ITINERARIES (on tripoto.com) – A few places lend themselves to nifty planning, and that makes me a happy camper.  While Tripoto isn’t my favourite place to store these, I can’t seem to find anything else that fits my neurotic requirements. So for now, that’s their home. <WIP>

DOTS ON A MAP – More like a compass, I’d say. Most people who keep diaries have a thing for tracking where they’ve been, it helps them map out where to go next (or not). I started this in 2006, so not all the places will have a thought on the blog page. If you want to hear one, holler.

PLACES I’VE CALLED HOME – I’ve moved five times in the last decade, and here is a glimpse of the cities I’ve called home. This became an intentional project only a year ago, and hence this page is mostly a gallery for posterity’s sake :) <WIP>

ABOUT – Heh, about me. To give some context and all, y’know.

SIDEBAR – A bunch of travel related stuff that I keep updated. If it helps anyone in the process, awesome!

Thank you for stopping by!