The Catch In The Calm

After returning from Kashmir, India’s festival calendar opened up and I’ve had a gazillion days off – Bakrid, Gandhi Jayanthi, Dusshera and Diwali. Just one day each, but close enough to the weekend to merit a jaunt somewhere. And yet, I’ve remained calm. The angst to pack up and head out of town hasn’t hit (yet?). How did this happen?! I can’t remember a single day off in the last seven years when I haven’t wanted to skip town!

It really isn’t the number of vacations we take or for how long we are gone. It’s just where we go and how we feel when we’re there that determines our state of mind. Or so I think so far.

And I guess it also helps that we moved apartments and that I had to work out of a different office for a few weeks; a change of scenery helps the calming cause.

Now that these two have occurred almost back-to-back, I can only hope that the combined effect of Kashmir and a 11th floor living-room-view of Pune’s suburban shanties and factories has enough chug to pull me till my next set of days off!

[After a lot of mulling, I’ve decided to blame my writer’s block about Kashmir on this sense of calm (maybe lethargy?). The place brings up so many different angles in my head and I haven’t made the effort to zero in on any one. Someday, when the angst hits, the words will come. Till then.]

Nanga Parbat, covered in snow. The 9th highest mountain in the world at 26,600+ft, across the LOC in Pakistan. We saw this on the fourth day of the Kashmir Great Lakes trek when the skies cleared up after three days of rain and snow and the sun said hello!

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