The Kase Of The Kyoto Konfusion

Ok, I have finally met my match in misplaced expectations. Maybe it was because of very last minute prep for this trip, or maybe it is finally a spotlight on how my travel tastes are changing, I know not. But Kyoto left me very, very konfused.  Every since I heard of a Japanese temple town… Continue reading The Kase Of The Kyoto Konfusion


Two Years in Singapore

Be a tourist in your own life. Note your private landmarks, your important historical sights, your favourite spots. -  Found in Gretchen Rubin’s “Moments Of Happiness” It’s been two years in Singapore today! What an interesting time it has been. For once, not in terms of the place and the travel and the externalities, like… Continue reading Two Years in Singapore


The Template Of A Mad Metropolis – Tokyo

You know you’re a city girl when your senses come alive amidst crowds, when your heart thumps to the beat of a commuter train, and when your brain kinda gives up on the necessity of serenity ever so often. I know I’m one. I love my cities as much as I love my mountains. And… Continue reading The Template Of A Mad Metropolis – Tokyo


In The Meadows Of Dayara Bugyal

The hills are alive with the sound of music! - Maria, in The Sound Of Music I hopped, skipped and jumped in a green meadow on a sunny morning, singing the one line I knew of this song over and over again. Before me lay an undulating meadow, caught between a white winter and a… Continue reading In The Meadows Of Dayara Bugyal


The Glories Of Ancient Angkor

Oh, Angkor. Any ode to you that's been brewing in my head ever since I heard of you years ago will not be ode enough. Any words I find to describe even a minuscule part of your physical grandeur or your geographical significance will do you no justice. Any description of how you dwarf the… Continue reading The Glories Of Ancient Angkor