Relax, Reflect, Revive – Phuket

“Wonder how these stars look like right now”, B said, as he gazed up at the night sky. It startled me like nothing had in a while.

“You’re right”, I agreed. Nothing is really as it seems, I thought.

We were sprawled out on an empty rooftop bar, perfect psychedelic music thumping softly from a hidden speaker in the neatly manicured bushes at the edge. The bar lights were turned off at our request. Ships twinkled in the distance on a pitch black Andaman Sea, yet they didn’t hold a candle to the object of our attention this night – the night sky.

I finally know the meaning of a beach resort. In the middle of a searing hot off-season on Thailand’s Andaman coast, I really do. After years of wondering why people revisit places and want to do nothing on any trip, I spent an entire weekend doing both. And I loved every minute of it. Time for epiphanies of a mountain-girl in a seaside town?


After seven years of going someplace new for my birthday, I gave it up this year earlier in March to invest our time and budget in a longer 5th anniversary trip later in the year. While that is still in the works (is it time that birthday trips became anniversary ones every year?!), this last minute weekend getaway helped B and I celebrate five years together, and also gave me enough down time to contemplate one’s useful daily work in the world.

An attempt at conscious travel:

I didn’t attempt much on this trip except bringing my reusables. The resort was great about filling our water bottles, offering unopened straws which we could refuse and also using locally sourced produce. The only casualty was cling wrap on our food delivered to our room and paper plates at our airport lunch.

Book read on the trip: A Shooting Star by Shivya Nath. A travel blogger I’ve followed for a while, and a perfect read for a decompression weekend.

Photo courtesy: B

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