North Wales

Conwy, Beaumaris, Llanberis, Caernarfon, Betws-y-Coed

(none of which are pronounced the way they are written!)


You never conquer a mountain. You submit to it respectfully and request the elements to be in your favour that day.

Mount Snowdon

Height: 3560ft, highest point in Wales and England

Most taken path to the top: 9 miles RT, Llanberis Path

Trivia: Edmund Hillary’s site of training with his team before his 1953 Mt.Everest summit.

They were right, North Wales is where the action is. I call it a great hike if I can still feel it the next day. This time around, my toe-tips were smarting two days later to boot (pun intended).

Minimal gear and many apprehensions later, I’m glad I finally went – my first solo hike of this magnitude. To my extreme joy, the elements cooperated – the weather warning of “plenty of sunshine” indeed turned out to be true. A busy trail, a crowded summit and two steep slopes up and down later, I discovered that my Nike trainers had much better grip than my regular “hiking” shoes back home. Who would’ve thunk?!

While starting up the trail, I encountered the volunteer mountain rescue team collecting funds. I made it a point to thank them for the work they do. “Let’s hope we don’t meet again!” they joked. Today, I shudder at that thought. I learnt that a young man lost his life as he fell from a point off the summit track on the previous evening that I was there. The mountain can be exhilarating, the mountain can be unforgiving. May his soul rest in peace.

In other news, North Wales is also castle-in-ruins country – some poignant, some slick. My B&B host is an opinionated seventy-eight year old man who makes breakfast so fun every morning. And my SD card died, which means I’m biting my fingernails that someone can recover three weeks worth of pictures for me when I go back home.

Diolch, Conwy!

Mount Snowdon
Mount Snowdon
More North Wales
More North Wales

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