After feeling like I was in Bangalore when I was walking down streets in London, I now feel like I’m in the US as I walk down roads in Bangalore. It ain’t the case of a confused nomad, it is just the fact that microcosms are as much a reality in some things as much as our brain creates it in others. Of course, some things I just attribute to “it’s a culture thing!“.

A world without boundaries
A world without boundaries

In other news, I’ve learnt that the best way to cope when called upon to run through things against one’s grain is to pretend that it is happening to someone else. I’ve had a FUN-tastic time calling my event management task master into action these last two weeks (including using Kanban for my to-do list), running the part of the show that I’ve been given control over. The others I conveniently gloss over as I tell myself that my job is to show up and eat well 🙂 Ah, weddings.

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