London, Last Leg

“Thou and I are too wise to woo peaceably.”
― William Shakespeare, Much Ado About Nothing

I unwound for three days in London, preparing to say goodbye to this pretty little island that wowed me these last seven weeks. I stayed in the suburbs with friends, lazing around in the prettiness and residential living. I then stayed in a hostel right in the thick of (erstwhile) seedy Southwark/London Bridge where Shakespeare worked four centuries ago, now a lively hub of organic markets and one of EU’s tallest towers.

William Shakespeare turned 450 this year. The Globe Theater had just started celebrating. It’s time to see a play, I thought. In the exact way people used to do in his time – standing around the stage, leaning on it and almost conversing with the actors. Groundling tickets – 5 quid. I couldn’t wait!

And it was nothing like I had ever seen before! Much Ado About Nothing unfolded about five feet in front of me and I stood riveted for three hours, feeling like I was part of the play every second. I could see the actors enjoying themselves – emoting, singing, dancing, and each able to play an instrument. How cool it must be to be so multi-talented, aye?!

Using a birthday party to say goodbye – perfect, for a city that was my first taste of Europe and will forever be a favourite.

View of the seats from the groundling area
View of the seats from the groundling area

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