London, Day 5

London. Day 5. And time has slowed down.

These five days have been about one-third as frenzied as the last five days I spent in London more than a year ago. London has so much to do and yet for some reason this time I don’t want to do it all. I’ve let the city sink in, hanging out more in the fringes of the central zone and pushing the northern border as I know it to meet family and find Zumba classes. And it still does not cease to amaze me; this time with its people. As I emerge from each new underground station, there is a thriving little metropolis in every neighborhood with an identity of its own; and all these little worlds come together quite seamlessly to make this grand city what it is – truly global.

I was walking to Kentish Station today and as I turned one specific corner, I felt like I was in Bangalore. It was eerie one moment, exhilarating the next. These are moments that make travel worthwhile – the overwhelmingly grateful thought that there is a home to go back to.

In other news:

I consider it a good day when I don’t need to button up my winter jacket, I consider is a great day when I can swap out my winter jacket for the spring one, and I consider it a glorious day when I can take off my spring jacket as well. I’ve seen two glorious days so far and spent it at the markets and by the Thames, albeit for a short while. How is it that no poet has ever written an ode to the sun?!

The abundance of Dairy Milk chocolate is intoxicating. Have. To. Stop. Or. Maybe. Not.

St.Paul's Cathedral from the South Bank of the Millennium Bridge
St.Paul’s Cathedral from the South Bank of the Millennium Bridge

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