London, Day 10

It looks like I’ve done exactly what I wanted to do in London – hang out and just let *it* sink in. *It* varying from the city to everything that’s happening within and outside my head. It’s a lovely feeling to be able to navigate pockets of London like I’ve lived here a while. The city talks to me. We’ve tangoed for a whole ten days and as we bid goodbye at the door (for now), I have no idea how time has sped by.

Many times in these ten days, I’ve felt like I was in Bangalore. Both in crowded no-place-to-move Westminster and the West End to the quiet residential areas like Camden. I have no idea what it is – the people, the stores, the jaywalking!?! Either way, it has left me wondering – am I homesick or am I at home?

The pictures here are random. For once, I don’t even want to chatter.

London Snapshots
London Snapshots

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