Home, Sweet Home

Oh, Bangalore!

There’s something about a city that I’ve grown up in. It never gets old, as much as things change around every corner every year. This feeling can only lead to one thing – it makes me realize that I’m the one who has grown older. Much older.

It’s great to be back. Although everything connected to the wedding (except the boy :)) is making me cringe and want to pack my bags, run out the door and catch the next flight out somewhere, I’m challenging myself that this is an exercise in being patient. I’ve been on short supply on that front, so methinks it is a great time to learn.

I know that the vacation hangover will hit either when I sit down to sort the photos, or when I wake up one morning in June when I won’t have to rush out the door to be somewhere at 9am. Till then, I fondly gaze at my grey Osprey backpacks and smile in gratefulness 🙂

Welcome home!

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