Hello Pune!

Well hello, Pune!

Waking up in a new place is now second nature to me and I smiled at the sun streaming in on day one in glee. You heard me. The sun! The sun! So much of him! It’s like the universe is making up for all the years I was deprived of his warm embrace. Pune’s sizzling hot welcome has lasted ten days now, enveloping every step I take outside the apartment. In perfect yin-yang balance, the soft night winds caress long walks in the park we overlook. Indoors, Monica Geller-esque tasks in an ex-bachelor pad have kept me supremely happy, productive and well exercised. Nice to meet you, Pune 🙂

Time to talk about this blog. Nomadic Wanderlust was born to be one of the primary ways to experience the two month solo sojourn across Britain, with enough context for pre and post trip thoughts. The trip has thrown up a few things to scribble about, which is my homework for the next few weeks. After that, I intend to wrap it up; a six-month snapshot that will remain close to my heart.

Pune, however, is a new city right now and I love new cities; so I intend to continue writing about Pune from a travel perspective once I buckle in. Stay tuned 🙂

The Park - morning jogs and night walks amidst about six different flowers!
The Park – morning jogs and night walks amidst about six different floral colors!


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