This ain’t a peachy vacation. It scares me on enough vectors to be a challenge of sorts.


It’s a challenge to travel on a budget and no paycheck safety. I define budget within the uncompromising framework of safety. I have a number in mind, but I won’t say it for the fear of scaring myself off this trip. But I will break it down at the end and give myself a report card.


Although I’ve gone on solo trips before (some sane and some not so sane), this one is daunting because of constant new stimuli which has been scientifically proven to distract even the sharpest minds. Then again, this is part of pushing my comfort zone and will probably teach me much.


I’ve loved solo travel from my very first solo sojourn. Along the way, I’ve learnt that I’m too chicken to try anything adventurous and outdoorsy on such trips (conquering that is a story for a different day!). So I’m grateful for the company I’ve had on trips to Crater Lake, the Rockies, Arches and the like. Having said that, two months is a long time to be by oneself. I will try to catch up with long lost friends, but maybe it is wise to have an open-ended ticket back home 🙂


I go through phases of strange obsessions. Currently, quinoa and Zumba top the list, with brussel spouts, Thai curry hummus and Colette Binford’s Boot Camp a close second. ALL of these will be a challenge to keep up with when on the road. I am curious to see how I tackle this, and how many pounds will pile on before my wedding day.


Yeah! I might be lost/amazed/humbled/depressed/lonely enough to not care about this blog anymore. Well, in that case, thank you for your time, and I will send you 3000 photos if I make it out alive!


Luxuries (or even necessities) taken for granted at home can be gone in a poof when on the road. While I don’t intend to drop off the map, I will have limited access to a phone and internet. Couple that with a family that would like to make sure that I turn up in one piece for my wedding and a crazy long distance relationship (with a guy who gave shape to this trip), it might demand an entire day dedicated to figuring this one out at each new place.

Well, it’s time to wait and watch.

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