It started in New York City in the summer of 2008 when my friend handed me a Lonely Planet guide and an unlimited usage card on the subway. My first ride underground was in the opposite direction from which I was supposed to go – I saw the Statue of Liberty across the harbour and then realized I had to go northbound instead! And I was smitten. With being alone with my guidebook, my notes and my thoughts.

The next few years were spent with friends who opened my eyes to the fun of frequent vacations. It took me four years to make another solo trip, and after that I’ve been on a runaway spree of escaping with myself more often than with friends. And now, I share this wanderlust with my partner in life and crime.

This blog started as a snapshot of my solo two-month sojourn in Britain, a transition vacation consciously inked in as I moved from USA to India after eight years of traipsing around there. Two years in India, a half year in Penang (Malaysia), and I now call Singapore home.

I have to admit, moving so often is another kind of joy I’ve come to appreciate. There’s a certain cocktail of thoughts that goes with it – familiarity trying to setup known routines in a new place, cognizance that I might not be there too long, and excitement about the geography that has just opened up to wander around. So here are some thoughts, some reflections, some information – I’ve let this be organic for now. Welcome to my world :)

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