Hello, 2015

“Time flies when you’re having fun!”

Goodbye, 2014 – what a rocker you’ve been!

This last year feels like a thousand locations rolled into one as I moved from one continent to another via a third, and that’s the headiest kind of year that I could ever have asked for. I took it apart in my head and pieced it back together like a scrapbook – the sazerac from Nawlins seamlessly merging into the sweeping fells of Britain’s Lake District that sat prettily next to Rajasthan’s ancient crumbling havelis and Pune’s crusty suburbs. Somewhere in the middle of this, I said my “I do”s, and somewhere at the end of all this, I was glad I was close enough to home to visit often. I haven’t had a year like this before and I don’t think I’ll have another year like this for a while.

Amidst new routines and a strange new “nearing-mid-life-crisis”, I’m not very sure how travel is going to hold up in 2015 as part of my goal list. Well, I wait and watch.

Here’s to 2015!

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