Beach Bums In Goa

What happens when an inveterate beach bum, five days when his factory shuts down and he can’t solve problems even if he wanted to, and a calm south Goa beach all come together in one swinging week? Yeah, now that’s what you call beach bliss.

We threw a dart at the map to pick a beach in Goa, and we landed on a treasure. South Goa is still relatively unexplored – empty stretches of golden sand, clean and tidy, sunbeds and beach shacks. I praise this little stretch with a trepidation that accompanies every golden travel tip – highlighting it might be its own nemesis one day. But I know quiet-beach-bums and how much they treasure such a location, so I’m taking my chance. The little guest house where we stayed dished out excellent food, and the owner only reiterated our thoughts – “this quiet might last another three years, max”. As we spoke, beach shacks were growing out of the sand for the four-month tourist season; we caught it off season again (along with a cyclone :)), which only added to the desolate calmness around which the waves broke every day at sunset.

Three days on a sunbed and various short beach-jogs and walks later, I had the most awesome tan ever in the last six years: the desert-and-beach kind. That’s about how long I can lie on a beach – reading, eating and dodging beach dogs and low-tide jellyfish; I was ready to go home when we did.

Having said that, party-north-Goan beaches must be a travel experience of their own. And I’ve heard a ton about Portuguese-Indian history, monuments and dense forests in the area. Someday, again :)

A beach-bum sunset
A beach-bum sunset

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