The October Of Four States


Tamil Nadu – Karnataka – Rajasthan – Goa.
And Mumbai.

There are times when coming back home is like running into an old, familiar, warm embrace. And you don’t want to leave for a while. For all my love of travel, October was an exhilarating whirl of new sights and sounds, but I sure was glad to come back home at the end.

From archaic rituals echoing from the depths of Tamil Nadu’s deep south to the open sands of a quiet Goa beach, we snuck in family visits and also threw in an adventurously cut short annual vacation (yeah, we snipped it in quarter due to work). Rajasthan and Goa deserve a post of their own as soon as I recover. For now, here’s an ode to the travel buddy.

After all the solo traveling, I was wondering how I’d hold up to a travel partner whose style is drastically different from mine. I plan and execute, he climbs hills on a whim when he spots them round the corner. I get outta the room at 9am, he relishes his jog and cuppa and even a leisurely brunch. I take a while to pack and neatly zip my bag, he is done in five minutes and sits on his bag to close it. And I gotta admit, I loved every single second. I learnt to push myself out of my comfort zone in very different ways, I learnt to kick back and relax while doing nothing, I learnt to listen and act, I learnt to let go. For his part, he hopped on board gamely for a dance show – and I learnt team work. Best. Travel. Buddy. Ever.

Oh, and there are the obvious perks too – I didn’t have to lug my luggage into the loo at airports, and it was always excellent to be able to try more than one dish at a meal. And one more broken-Hindi input helped immensely too ;)

Udaipur, Rajasthan. It tempts you to move there someday.
Udaipur, Rajasthan. It tempts you to move there someday.

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