A Spot of Strangeness

Isn’t it strange when you have something on your mind and come across something else in the outside world that directly talks to it? It might just state it, or provide a different point of view. It feels like the universe read your mind – and it can either put a smile on your face or cause you to run and hide in terror.

I came across a few things recently that made me grin and nod in agreement. They pertain to travel, so I couldn’t help but come and chat with my page about it :)

Outlook Traveller’s Odisha on a cycle-rickshaw by Mandavi Mehta:
And then there’s the adrenalin rush that comes with physical exertion, the joy of eating what you find along the way and always finding it tasty, and most of all, the freedom that comes from knowing that you can’t see and do it all.

I agree. There’s a certain freedom and peace that accompanies the realization that you can’t see and do it all. And if that’s accompanied by the sheer joy of living in the moment and accepting whatever crosses your way (like food, even), it’s easy to just be. Even for someone as antsy as me with a don’t-miss-a-thing travel style :)

Conde Nast Traveller’s Apr-May 2014 editor’s letter by Divia Thani Daswani:
The only way to really know a city is to explore it bit by bit, neighbourhood by neighbourhood, until you find a spot where you feel you belong – and that that strange mix of foreign and familiar feels a bit like an adrenaline shot: heady, intoxicating and possibly, addictive.

Oh so true! There’s nothing quite like that moment when you tread the line between the foreign and familiar, and they fuzz for just that one magical moment. She’s eloquently said what I felt in London but was too spooked to describe. And now in Pune, the foreign and familiar take on meanings of their own. So many things are foreign..till I realize that I grew up with the exact same things for a VERY long time. Makes me shake my head and laugh every single time, as I settle into being local. These things will soon become a way of life and the US will soon become “foren“.

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