Ways To Travel

If you permute and combine the myriad types of lives we live and the places we want to see, there can be a gazillion ways to accomplish this. And this is heady, intoxicating even! Sure, we’ll repeat one of these till we’re bored and then look for another, but it’s always nice to know that the number of options aren’t limited :)

Weekend breaks: Places you can get away to for anywhere between 2-4 days.
I’ve lived off this type for four years, planning long weekends like I hadn’t seen one before. Perfect to wander somewhere close to home, or recon an area enough to warrant a longer trip or not. It’s also perfect to get to know home a little better too, one of the things most of us tend to take for granted :)

Week-long vacations: Get a little farther away and stay a while.
This is a perfect time frame to get away from a day job long enough to want to come back to it. It’s also perfect to step onto the continent next door or the islands off a coast closest to home. New culture or beach-bumming – a week to soak it in is just about perfect.

Business Travel: Weekend travel, on the cheap!
A lifestyle choice, this is a two edged sword. It can either run one down with an overdose of change, or it can be the best job ever. Worth the risk, I daresay!

Gap years or months: Time and choices!
The fact that it’s even on the table means that now is the time to push the boundaries a tad. It’s also where one gets either spoiled or overwhelmed with choices; either way, it’s liberating.

Move-to-a-new-place travel: Really?!
Not many people classify a life-location move as travel. I beg to disagree. It’s travel magnified, where one does not have the choice to leave and hence battles with everything from currency to language and explores uninhibitedly as a matter of survival. It’s travel at its headiest!

Mix this in with types of people who travel, and it’s extreme fun!

Short vacations or lifestyle choices – I love it that kicking routine in the butt can be such mix-and-match fun!

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