On the road notes – Part I

There’s one large downside that this trip has been the cause of – a reading famine. I have read nothing but guidebooks for the last three months. The frenzy of packing up, the need to find my way around unfamiliar towns and the constant thought of a roof over my head on a wing-it trip have led to my guidebook being my eternal companion. And to churn things up a little more, this time I’m trying out an e-book guidebook for packing light reasons.

This led to a craving for physical books a few days ago. I wanted to hold a book and turn the pages and I didn’t care what it talked about. So I waltzed down Charing Cross Road – the home of fabulous second hand bookstores – and treated myself. Sad thing is, I got through ten pages of each book before scurrying back to my guidebook because it was find-a-roof-over-my-head day. I appalled myself.

All these go back to the store when I leave at the end of this week, or to a hostel book swap shelf. It looks like I have to wait a while before I can sit down and read more than ten pages which are not from a guidebook. Peacefully.

Loot from "Any Amount Of Books"
Loot from “Any Amount Of Books”

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