Celebrating on the road

Two years ago, I made a promise to myself that I would take a short trip out of town on every birthday. Partly to celebrate and partly to give myself more room to space out. Distancing myself from routine has been invaluable to be able to regroup, look back and look forward. And even just to unwind on my own terms.

It worked like a charm the first two times, and this year it looks like the timing was perfect to push the envelope. Not only did it land smack in the middle of my Europhile (rather, UK-phile) trip, my wing-it itinerary landed me in London just in the nick of time. I’m a happy camper!

London is just the way I left it – charming, heady and always ready to have a spot of fun. Borough Market’s wheatgrass smoothies. An afternoon at the British Library, trying to digest the idea of nine floors of books beneath the piazza. Gawking at just half a room of written word treasures, yearning to go back for more. Two nights of Baroque masters, including my beloved Vivaldi’s Four Seasons. A walk across the Thames with Westminster’s old London on one side and the glitzy new City on the other. You never cease to amaze me London; I feel like I’ve known you for years and yet everyday you surprise me with something that makes me fall in love with you again. Now let’s get ready to tango because I’m here to stay a while.

Borough Market
Borough Market
British Library
British Library

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