WHAT 1: City Lights!

I’ve always been a big city fan – right down to the grime and dust and dirt and dark alley ways. This time, I intend to set up base in each big city I land up in and just hang out. Some days be a tourist and on others lounge around in PJs sipping strange coffee. My restless soul can use some slowing down.

WHAT 2: See the sights

I unabashedly love the sights! Europe is a textbook of history, with each town writing its own indelible page through art, sculpture, music, dance or architecture. I intend to take a book and pen along with my camera and test myself on how much I remember at the very end. What I learn will be as important as how I feel.

WHAT 3: Try to visit at least one off-grid spot

For me, travel is about doing things I like and also about throwing myself out of my comfort zone within limits of my left brain. Using guidebooks and googling “things to do in ….” can only get me so far; pushing myself to find new things will take some creativity. And courage. I have no idea if I have it in me, but like the previous why, I will revisit at the very end.

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