Goodbye Portland – Dance like nobody is watching

I was wondering if you and me could spend a minute,

On the floor, up and close getting lost in it, I won’t give up without a fight,

I just wanna, oh baby …. I just want you to dance with me tonight!

-Olly Murs

I battled with the definition of home for a long time, till I found peace with the fact that home was a place you are always glad to come back to from a trip away. Portland was home. And we’ve spent more than a minute on the floor, up and close, getting lost in it. It takes two to tango.

It’s bittersweet to say goodbye. I know I’ll go through a phase of missing the place, the people and my place in it; but I also know that the nomad in me will buckle into exploring a new locale slowly but surely. That’s the things with age and the third big move in life – I know that the world is too small and connected (yes, that includes FB!) to fret about leaving people and places behind. That’s a big lesson, and Portland has had its part to play in teaching me that.

This last week has been lovely – the goodbyes have been fond, the food has been great and the company has been delightful. It was heady to meet/email/talk to MOST of the people I’ve known for years in the span of a few days. We’re always kind to those who leave, and I am very grateful to those who took the time to meet me and send me kind notes.

Work (yes I did love it, albeit for a while). Books (I’ll miss you terribly, Powell’s). Dance (including dancing to Olly Murs with George, my favourite-est Zumba instructor at the front of class). Music (Baroque rocks). Theater (the glitz of Broadway to the intimacy of Shoebox). Outdoors (I saw Mt.Hood on a beautiful Friday evening in all his pristine glory!). Food (champion poutine!). I’ve lived it up in my own little world from cradling hot cocoa indoors in the winter to soaking in the sun in many ways on pretty summer afternoons – and I can’t be happier looking back.

And I can’t be happier looking forward too, I’ve waited for this a while.

It’s time to tuck away this little album in my head and open a new one to create more memories.

Goodbye Portland. It’s time to dance like nobody is watching.


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