I’ve been weirdly nomadic at heart for a while now. Ever since New York City in the summer of 2008, I bring out a map and throw a dart at the mention of a long weekend. For me, getting away to a new locale has been about new sights, stretching comfort zones and a spot of learning at each point – sometimes about history, sometimes about geography, sometimes about myself. It’s now time to pause and ask myself if this will hold when extrapolated to two months off, alone.

Europe beckons. For more reasons than one. It’s scary and exciting at the same time. As always, I turn to pen and paper (in this case keyboard and screen) to tap into my neuron communication to make sense of the world and of myself. After many years of dropping off the grid of public blogging, here I am trying it again.

The posts to follow are pre-departure thoughts. Or you could call them scribbling.

Let’s see how long this blog stays alive 🙂


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